In the ancient ages of the chile.* hierarchy (that is, before 1995) the creation and removal of newsgroups within it was controlled by the local news managers and no one else (at that time, no more than five persons). Due to this, in order to create a new newsgroup, the interested persons had to pester them until at least one was convinced, whom would discuss it with his peers, and then he would create it (an excellent example of this was the creation of chile.mud in 1993).

Though these persons had a clear criteria for newsgroups creation, and never existed a case of power abuse, it became necessary to bring this hierarchy up to the level of the world-wide ones. Because of this, during late 1994 an experimental system for creating, modifying and removing newsgroups using open votings began to function. This included two things:

  1. a guide (though initially it was called "set of regulations")
  2. the newsgroup chile.grupos.anuncios (which means chile.newsgroups.announces)

This newsgroup was the first one to be approved by an open voting (see the RFD, the CFV and the result). After it, the creation of the newsgroups, chile.licores and chile.literatura were voted (& approved) almost immediately.
Those votings took place during november and december 1994. The system worked pretty well, and it was made official immediately afterwards.

Considering that in the beginning the new system was on a test-drive, some posts weren't published in chile.grupos.anuncios. These are:

  1. RFD: creation
  2. CFV: creation [not preserved]
  3. RESULT: creation
  4. RFD: chile.licores creation [not preserved]
  5. CFV #1: chile.licores creation
  6. CFV #2: chile.licores creation
  7. RFD: chile.literatura creation

The spanish version of this page is here.

Miguel Farah - chile.grupos.anuncios moderator
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