The newsgroup chile.grupos.anuncios is dedicated to the publication of posts related to the creation, modification and elimination of newsgroups within the chile.* hierarchy (such as RFDs, CFVs, voting results, etcetera), and also to posting periodical documents relevant to all of it.

Due to its nature (being an announcements newsgroup and not a discussion one), chile.grupos.anuncios is moderated - that is, there's a moderator that decides wether an article is acceptable or not for publishing. The current moderator is Miguel Farah, who's been in charge since the newsgroup was created.

chile.grupos.anuncios was created in 5/12/1994, as part of the reform to the newsgroup creation process within the chile.* hierarchy, after a suggestion made by Miguel Farah (in this Usenet posting). This newsgroup has the honor of being the very first one created by an open voting within the hierarchy. Here are the RFD, the CFV and the result.

Here is chile.grupos.anuncios' archive: it contains all the posts that have been published in the newsgroup up to the current date (not counting periodical documents).

Here are the periodical publications that are posted in chile.grupos.anuncios.

Here is chile.grupos.anuncios' historical record, listing:

Here is the checkgroups for the chile.* hierarchy.

Here you will find detailed information about every existing chile.* newsgroup [in spanish only, though - english version is coming real soon now].

The spanish version of this page is here.

Miguel Farah - chile.grupos.anuncios moderator
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